Real Talk: Coaster Game

a game to break the ice & spark conversation

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The Real Talk Coaster Game

The Real Talk Coaster Game is a way to break the ice in public spaces like bars and restaurants where friends and strangers can sit down and get to know one another. The game has three levels of questions from mild, medium to hard that players ask one another and earn points along the way. The player with the most points at the end ‘wins’ the game – but really, we’re all winner when we’re able to have civil conversations with one another despite our differences. 

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Shared Spaces and the Real Talk Coaster Game are about making people who are in the same space, but not talking to each other, realize that it is okay to spark conversation with each other instead of sitting in awkward silence. For example, people riding a subway together are practically sitting on top of each other, yet they choose not to talk to each other. 

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How to Play

The Real Talk Coaster Game can be played with acquaintances or strangers. In order to play, you’ll need to have someone else pick a coaster for you at random and ask you the question that’s on the coaster.

There are 3 levels of question difficulty.

Green = mild, Blue = medium, and Orange = difficult.

Points are awarded based on asking the question and receiving an answer:

Green = 1 point, Blue = 2 points, Orange = 3 points, Pass = 0 points

The animal characters on the coaster cards represent the 9 characteristics of a Citizen Diplomat, seen bellow.


Process Book

For a comprehensive overview of our team’s secondary research, primary research and design development for this project, please flip through our process book bellow.