Hey there. My name is Jenna Bower and I'm an artist and designer currently living in Savannah, GA.

Growing up on a pond in rural upstate New York, I always felt a respect and appreciation for the natural world. From saving dragon flies with broken wings to rehabilitate in my Dragonfly Hospital (aka a small inflatable kiddie pool) to catching turtles and making mud pies, I grew to love the biodiversity that surrounded me every day.

That eventually led me towards the discovery of vegetarianism and the plight of industrial farm animals, which pushed me to learn more about environmentalism and the effects that human civilization have on this planet. But environment issues are only one piece of the puzzle.

During my time studying Graphic Design at the University at Buffalo, I started working as a designer in UB's Sustainability Department and my knowledge of sustainability started to expand. I knew I wanted to be more than a graphic designer, or at least wanted to use the skills I had to promote something that I believe in.

That's when I discovered the Design for Sustainability program at SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design. There I had the privilege of learning from Scott Boylston and the other passionate individuals in my program. During my time pursuing my MFA in Design for Sustainability, the social aspects of sustainability became a passionate part of my studies.

For my masters thesis project I was able to work with some amazing changemakers working on sustainability initiatives in Savannah. Learning from their wisdom and struggles, I was able to create the Naturehood Toolkit as a way to bring people together in local communities to reconnect with one another and their local environment. The concept of Naturehood invites people to explore the nature of their neighborhood by getting to know the people and biodiversity that surround them every day. 

The earth will be fine with or without humans; but we wouldn't be able to survive without the resources that the earth provides us or without each other: without communion with our neighbors, without working together towards a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Currently, I'm exploring the realm of corporate sustainability at Gulfstream aerospace.

Feel feel to reach out and connect. Let's collaborate.