United Way Campaign 2018

Gulfstream Aerospace internal fundraising campaign


2018 Gulfstream United Way Campaign

During my time as an intern at Gulfstream Aerospace, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with multiple departments on a variety of projects. One of the projects was designing print and digital materials for the 2018 Gulfstream United Way Campaign, an internal corporate effort to raise money for the United Way of the Coastal Empire. Working with the Employee Communications department and the Community Investments department, the following print and web materials were developed for Gulfstream’s 2018 campaign.


The Story Behind the Tagline

The tagline for the 2018 Gulfstream United Way Campaign is, “When our family gives, our family flies.” This language emphasizes the fact that our Gulfstream family, the people that we work closely with on a daily basis, are also potential recipients of United Way funding efforts. The Creech family’s story is an example of how United Way of the Coastal Empire has impacted one of our Gulfstream family members and his family.



The main photography for the 2018 United Way Campaign is centered around the Creech family. Brandon Creech is a Structural Mechanic Senior at Gulfstream and the campaign organizers wanted to showcase him and his family at a Gulfstream facility. Creating this visual connection will help other Gulfstream employees to understand that when they donate to the United Way they are supporting their coworkers and their families as well, not only strangers in need.

It doesn’t matter how little or much you have —
I feel we all have a powerful obligation to give and help each other by doing our part to make things a little better for someone else. Donating money is the easiest thing we can do.
— Melinda, Appleton

print collateral

tri-fold mockup display.jpg

Campaign Posters

Posters for the 2018 United Way Campaign were displayed in on-site cafeterias during the duration of the campaign. Both the 24x36 and 36x72 tri-fold posters showcased the Creech family’s story, as well as information on how to donate and employee testimonials.

24x36 poster

24x36 poster

Realistic Business Cards MockUp 4.jpg

Takeaway Card

The Community Investment team organizing the 2018 United Way Campaign wanted to have a takeaway card that they could hand to employees at campaign events. The takeaway card presents very basic information on how long the campaign was and how to donate at a specific website.


Postcard Mailers

In addition to employee communications in the workplace, campaign reminders will also be sent home in the form of postcards to people’s home addresses. The postcards will explain the who, what, when, where and how of the 2018 Gulfstream United Way campaign.


Table Tents

Table tents will also be displayed in partnership with Sodexo in Gulfstream’s on-site cafeterias. The table tents outline how to donate as well as showcasing Brandon Creech and his daughter and how the United Way has affected their lives.

Web & Digital Collateral

Campaign Articles

To get the word out to employees about the campaign, the Employee Communications team also wrote two articles to share on Gulfstream’s intranet. The first article was focused on telling the story of the Creech family to show how donations from Gulfstream workers can go to support other Gulfstream employees. Hence the 2018 tagline: when our family gives, our family flies. The second article was focused on explaining how to donate, whether from payroll deductions or credit/debit card donations. It also highlighted how Gulfstream would match up to $1,000 of each employee’s donation during the 2018 campaign.


Digital Boards:

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Donation Impacts

United Way provides three different amounts of giving broken up into daily, weekly and monthly donation amounts. They have calculated what these donations are able to provide when United Way allocates those donations through the different programs they support. The three differing amount are broken into 3 different colored digital signs, and each donation amounts show three different impacts that donation could have.


Another version of digital signage showcases Gulfstream employees and their personal reasons for donating to United Way.

Additional Campaign Boards

These additional boards will be used to advertise that the campaign is coming up, explain how to donate and showcase the Creech’s and the impact that United Way funding has had on their family.