career path

a job hunting strategy game inspired by nature


Design Challenge

The intention of this project was to design a framework that can help graduating students make sense of the complex job hunting system. We incorporated biomimicry into our design by allowing users to experiment with strategies found in nature that could be adapted to fit their job hunting strategies.

Primary Research

In order to better understand taro card reading as a group, we took part in a taro card reading and teaching session with a local card reader. We each took turns attempting to read our own cards and draw meaning from the cards we chose. We started to realize that a system like taro card reading could be useful for students in their job search process.


Biomimicry + Taro card reading


Design Solution:

Career Path, A strategy game inspired by nature

The final product consists of a deck of strategy cards and a Career Path Journal. When actors are feeling stressed, uncertain or stuck in the current job search strategies, they can open their notebook, shuffle the deck of cards, and lay out 3 cards in the designated spaces. They can then interpret the cards based on the cues provided and compile all of their card interpretations into the box at the bottom. The journal will grow to contain a plethora of strategies that will allow the actor to feel more confident going forward in their job search.

My Career Path notebook with layout for how to use the cards and space for taking notes on what strategies speak to you on how you will adapt your job searching strategies for the future.

Major Arcana

This map of the Major Arcana in the deck represent a journey from The Fool to The World, or the path from naivety to understanding. Each species has a unique strategy that corresponds to the meaning behind that card along the journey.

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana are broken up into the 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Species with corresponding elements were matched and grouped together, each with a strategy for survival unique to that species.