Design Services



Whether you’re a business, a community organization, or an individual working on your passion project, you need a brand that can help share your vision with the world. For projects that are just starting or mature ones that could use an upgrade, my design research and marketing skills will help me get to know your brand and provide you with a strategy for success.

  • Logo design

  • Brand/Identity Book Design

  • Content Planning and Creation


Marketing materials

Do you have a brand that’s already developed and need print/web materials to help share your message? My experience with print and web design allows me to provide you with all the marketing materials you need to share your story.

  • Business Cards, Posters and other Print Materials

  • Social Media Materials and Advertisements

  • Newsletter & E-mail Design

  • Print and E-Book Design

  • Annual reports

  • Infographics



If you own a small business that’s looking to measure its impact, create a positive impact in your community and develop a strategy for communicating your sustainability goals, let’s work together to make it happen!

  • Calculate social and environmental impacts

  • Identify opportunities for improvement

  • Create a sustainability plan

  • Develop sustainability reports

  • Communications Design


My Process

Phase 1:  Discovery & Planning

During the discovery phase, I’ll be trying to learn as much as possible about where your organization has been and where you’d like to go in the future. We’ll have conversations where I’ll ask you all the right questions to understand exactly what you need and what your expectations are.

GOALS: Align Vision, Clarify & Strategize

Phase 2: Ideas & Inspiration

During this phase, I’ll be using everything I learned in Phase 1 to brainstorm multiple different design solutions for you to choose from. I’ll present you with the best ideas and we’ll have a conversation about which path you’d like to take forward.

GOALS: Collaborate, Discuss Options & Define Direction

Phase 3: Design & Create

This is the part where you can sit back and relax. Once we agree on a direction, I'll work to develop all of the materials you’ll need to move forward. 

GOALS: Creation, Consolidation & Presentation

Phase 4:  Refine & Implement

After the design phase is complete, we’ll look at all of the new materials together, make the finishing touches and prep for implementation/production. Once all outstanding invoices have been paid, I'll provide you with all the files you need to manage your brand’s visual communications. I’ll also provide you with a Project Book that documents every phase of our project from beginning to end! 

GOALS: Refine, Launch & Celebrate!

Phase 5: Continued Support (Optional)

After Phase 4, you’ll have everything you need to create future materials on your own or within your organization. However, if you wish to have continued support then we can have a conversation about future needs and go from there.

Let’s Work Together

Thank you for considering me to work on your design project. Before we get started, I need to collect some information from you to ensure that we are a good match. I'll need to learn more about who you are, your budget and timeline and see if it matches with my capabilities and current availability.

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